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Hypertriangle is an audio manufacturing collective providing engineering and manufacturing support to low and mid volume audio and music industry brands.

This industry features a high concentration of small, owner-operated companies, particularly in the effects pedal and synthesizer sectors. The process of expanding from a sole proprietor company into a full-fledged manfacturer is not without growing pains; smaller companies often lack the resources to sustainably increase their throughput without making compromises—especially in the case of high-mix, low-volume product lines.

At Hypertriangle, we specialize in design for manufacturing, quality management, and process flow control. Our engineers are experts in analog and mixed signal electronics as well as circuit board layouts. Our experience comes with deep knowledge of the unique challenges of the audio world. We also offer strong relationships with contract manufacturers and component vendors to facilitate efficient sourcing and purchasing. By pooling resources across brands, we can leverage the economy of scale enjoyed by much larger OEMs while still affirming the creative intentions and control of our partner brands.

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Our Brands


Our Team

Hypertriangle was founded by electronics design engineers Rick “Hawker” Shaich of Asheville Music Tools, and John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments. Together they share decades of combined experience in audio, analog, and mixed-signal electronics plus a diverse portfolio of award-winning designs in the effects pedal, pro audio, and synthesizer industries.